pastor June pic (2)Pastor:  Rev. June Fothergill has been a UMC pastor for over 30 years. She has served Ebbert since 2012. She loves to sing, crochet hats, hear stories, learn Spanish and grow in faith.  She can be reached at 541-603-8706 or




DanetteDanette Lamson has been the Administrative Assistant at Ebbert since 2009.  She has been working as a church secretary for over 20 years.  She is committed to serving the unhoused community.  She lives with a tempermental black cat, and occasionally acts in local theater.





KKKKevin Kleppe has recently joined us as accompanist on piano, organ and electric keyboard.  He enjoys all kinds of music and helping others make music. He is a student at Lane Community College.



Amy Adams joins us as Ebbert’s  Music Director September 2018. She works also for the Shedd and was formerly the musician for St Paul Center  United Methodist Church for over 20 years.  We are excited to have her a part of the Ebbert  staff and family.  Amy brings much experience and skill to our music department. 


Royce Osborne has been the Music Director at Ebbert many times over the years.  Today he leads the Ebbert Brass, an ensemble which plays several times a year.   We are grateful for his years of service and the musical expertise he shares with our choir.  He is retired as a music teacher at Thurston High School.

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